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MANY KILLED IN KYRGYZ LANDSLIDEPosted on April 29, 2017 Kyrgyzstan, 24 people were killed in a landslide that swept over houses in a village in the south of the country early today. Nine of the dead include children. An initial statement by Emergencies ministry reported that four people had died and at least 20 were missing. Leave a commentEdit"Many killed in Kyrgyz landslide"MILLION REGISTERED COMPANIES NOT FILING RETURNSPosted on April 29, 2017 The winding up procedure of private and Public limited are so stringent that the authorities may be including companies which are obsolete with technology outdated or government policy has turned the business of many companies to go inert need to classifies as most the MSME and big companies don’t file their income tax returns as there is no business and business activities are not happening or being stopped due to many reasons thus when within ten years no return is filed an Directors has given in writing that company has gone defun…

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